DIY ideas to display your jewelry

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When I am at fairs and other events you often notice my handmade displays with recycled materials, so I have decided to compile those ideas so that you can display your jewelry in an orderly and original way.

Some of my favorites are the earring displays that I make with recycled fruit boxes. They are very simple to do:

  1. Clean the box well (I usually use the ones that come with strawberries, which are small).
  2. If you like it with the natural color of the wood, leave it like this, although you can paint it with chalk paint.
  3. You use lace or lace to hang the earrings. I "present" them with adhesive tape, then I staple them tightly to the sides of the box (they always give way with the weight) and finally I apply white glue on the sides, to give greater support.
  4. You can play with the colors of the lace or lace, the boxes and even fix it to the wall.

Et voila!

Another idea is to reuse frames by removing the glass and putting felt or plastic grids (they sell them for masonry in hardware stores) depending on the use you want to give them. Grids are ideal for earrings and felt is ideal for brooches or button earrings.

You can also do the same as the previous idea but with the hoops used for embroidery.

And to keep your necklaces or charm bracelets organized, there's nothing better than a wooden hanger with open eyelets to hang them on. I open the holes a little with a clamp and then I screw the socket with the help of pliers. It is practical because you can put the hanger in the closet or leave it visible.

I hope these crafts help you :)

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