About me

Pendientera is a brand and online store of jewelry, accessories, clothing and illustrated items by the Canarian designer and illustrator Luz Sánchez Aguilar.

Professionally consolidated since 2010, Pendientera offers originality and aims for each item to speak about the wearer.

It is a very eclectic brand and is aimed mainly at people of any age and interested in cultural topics.

In its range of jewelry it uses very diverse materials: methacrylate, cellulose acetate, natural stones, wood, metals, crystals, resins, plastic and various beads. For a few years now, it has specialized in jewelry created with laser-cut acrylic or cellulose acetate pieces. This allows you to create your designs from scratch.

In the illustrated articles he captures his own artistic work, thus personalizing his products in a creative way. Their t-shirts with customized kokeshi illustrations based on these traditional Japanese dolls are notable and, on the other hand, their large-sized garments with striking and original prints made in Tenerife.

She has participated in events and fashion shows such as the Tenerife Fashion Fair, Bisutex and Tenerife Fashion Beach Costa Adeje.

In addition to crafts and designer pieces, in the online store you can find a selection of beautiful and themed items.

Pendientera has physical points of sale in the Canary Islands and the Peninsula.

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