The meaning of Origami cranes

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Origami is the art of making objects with paper and is thousands of years old; However, the Origami crane that we know so much has been 'invented' less than a century ago.

It all happened in the 1940s, while the Hiroshima war was taking place, which resulted in the explosion of an atomic bomb. At that time, a girl named Sadako Sasaki was very sick due to radiation exposure.

While he was in the hospital, his friend Chizuko advised him to make paper cranes, since if he reached 1,000 he could make a wish. Of course, hers would be to be cured of the illness that afflicted her, but she also wanted the war to end.

The little girl could not finish the objective, since she died after doing number 644, but her friends continued with the 'mission' that would become known throughout the world and that would symbolize peace from that moment on.

In Japan, Origami cranes are given to wish the other person health, happiness, well-being and prosperity. For example, when a couple gets married, when a baby is born, or when someone is sick. They can also be given as gifts to a person we love very much.


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